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Your memories mean the world to you. I know because memories are important to me (you can read why). Celebration Packages is not a photography studio. It is a memory factory. I don't want to mass produce photographs that any other talented photographer can take. One of the things I love doing is capturing a moment, an essence of a person or event, and sharing that story through a collection of photographs. This is why I always take photos with a Memory Book or Gallery-Wrap Canvas in mind. Memories you will put away in a box and never look at again: take those with your point-and-shoot.

When you want MEMORIES that you want to remember and share every time you look at your wall, every time a guest picks up your Memory Book off your coffee table, give me a call.

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Reuben Poon started Celebration Packages to offer photographic memories that will last for generations. Celebration Packages are the PERFECT GIFT for a wedding anniversary, birthday, engagement, or any celebration! We know that for your anniversary, birthday, engagement, or any other celebration, the best memories are the ones you create together...